Monumental photography at night





Classical monuments

Industrial & modern monuments

Monuments of nature

The art of monumental photography at night

It is night and with strips of light the photo establishes. Each light source hereby has its own technique and appearance. The time for this unique technology is found when the camera is open for several minutes. This specialist handwork on side delivers the result.

No photoshop, but handcraft while taking the photo

Since the effects are in the exposure, for example, from left or right, this can’t be achieved in Photoshop. Only original pictures. All effects are achieved during the making of the photo. Only the original negative (RAW) file is printed.

Painting with light





Handcraft on location

Lightning technique instead of photoshop

Limited Editions

Exlusive numbered photos   /  large sizes  /  framed at a gallary quality

Open Editions

Not-limited photos  /  smaller sizes prints  /  arrange your own framing